De Puntenburg

In the middle of your world


This is not just a school in the middle of Utrecht, it's a place where your entire life meets!

With classmates from all over town and from every background. A school where you can be who you are, and become what you'd want. Here you'll learn that everyone is important and that your efforts matter, that you matter! Together with your classmates, you'll discover how the world works and how to find your place in it.

Open, independent and courageous. In the middle of your world.

We're a
Dalton school

Public, for everyone, but also a
little bit different


We teach children how to utilize independence, responsibility, freedom of choice and reflection, all so they can take on the world without any fear or self doubt. Our teachers present their material in such a way it optimally connects with the diverse interests and qualities of our children. This makes education a lot more fun and effective - with great tests as a result, while also teaching them how to learn from ánd work with  each other.
We believe our way of education allows children to firmly stand 'in the middle of their world', from which they can follow their own path. 


A visit says more than
a thousand words

Unfortunately we are not able yet to share with you all the ins and outs of what makes our school such a special place on this website. We are working hard to create a more extensive page with international information, but in the meantime, please feel free to contact us for any questions you'd might have. Or even better, come visit us during one of our open mornings!
We'll gladly show you around the school, and tell you everything you'd like to know. If you can't make it during one of the open mornings we can always arrange some other time. Our door is open! So see you soon? 

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wed. 10.00-11.15H

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